Our first love and passion

Horses are the very heart of our business. For nearly 25 years, our philosophy has entailed managing our horses as a free roaming herd within large tracts of natural pasture, rather than in stables or paddocks. Our horses are at ease with each other and within their environment, which generates calm and contented natures. As a result, we can offer our guests responsive, subtle and honest rides.


"The sound of thundering hooves, a pall of dust and the splash of water as the herd gallops into the yards. There are some things that bring a smile to your face, no matter how many times you see it."  Shane Dowinton


Collectively we have over 135 horses: 90 in South Africa and 45 in Botswana. Our safari horses have been hand selected for their endurance, courage and responsiveness. It takes a particular temperament and nature to live comfortably on safari. Settled on the high line at night, eating up the miles by day and all the while remaining alert and ready in Africa’s big game country.

There is a look to a safari horse that reassures you that you will be taken care of. There is a bond built between man and rider on safari, these are horses you will want to ride the river with.

 There is a common respect for the challenge of the journey; of intertwined stories, mingled sweat and dust. Standing down an elephant, hearing both of your hearts beating.

We are proud of our safari herd. There’s a common thread of hardiness, intelligence and a workmanlike strength to them that tells you they will do the job for you. And well.



Horizon Horseback, established in 1993, operates horse riding safaris in both South Africa and Bostwana. Copyright reserved.

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