What makes a holiday with HORIZON HORSEBACK special is the team of dedicated staff; all chosen for their love of horses and people, the bush, Africa and having fun combining all these elements.


“There are co-workers, cooks, stable hands and an office, but it takes time to distinguish guests from staff. Obviously the staff do less lazing around but the atmosphere is inclusive, sociable and open.”

Time Out Magazine.


Rides are taken with two guides; the senior guide will lead you through the bush, and both will assist you and share with you their knowledge of the bush, the wildlife.  They hold a number of horse riding, bush knowledge and guiding qualifications.


All our guides have a unique knowledge of the bush (for example uses of plants) that have been passed on from generation to generation and they always have some interesting tales. Many have  learnt to ride with us and are qualified horse guides.


The yard and safari staff working with the herds make sure that your horse will be groomed, saddled and ready for you to ride on your safari.

At Horizon Horseback we have a wonderful team of people who take care of the horses every day. Collectively we have over 135 horses: 90 in South Africa and 45 in Botswana. Caring for all theses horses is a lot of work and each one needs constant care and nurturing.

Another really important part of your holiday is what are you going to eat and where will you stay? The chefs and housekeeping team members, are dedicated to making this part of your safari perfect.



Horizon Horseback is blessed with a wonderful team of people who soldier on behind the scenes to make everything happen as it should. Be it the fly camp being set up for the guests arrival, or the furniture which our carpenter has crafted, or the office and management staff who keep everything together. Everyone has a role to play to make the wheel turn.



At Horizon, we run an intern programme for local young adults wishing to gain experience in the tourism industry. Tourism forms a considerable part of our local economy and therefore makes up a large proportion of the jobs. This district is characterised by having high unemployment, particularly among youth, and our vision as a local business is to try to assist young individuals interested in tourism to gain some of the relevant skills needed.

Horizon Horseback also hosts a number of volunteers and students from all over the world who wish to gain experience and study horsemanship and improve their bush knowledge in the field.


If you are keen to join the programme



Horizon Horseback, established in 1993, operates horse riding safaris in both South Africa and Bostwana. Copyright reserved.

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