Horse riding holidays and safaris in South Africa
Horses are our first love and passion

Horses are the very heart of our business. For nearly 20 years, our philosophy has entailed managing our horses as a free roaming herd within large tracts of natural pasture, rather than in stables or paddocks. Our horses are at ease with each other and within their environment, which generates calm and contented natures. As a result, we can offer our guests responsive, subtle and honest rides.

Horizon's string of over 85 horses have been carefully picked, bred or nurtured over the years. Though there are Thoroughbreds, Arabs, Boerperds, Welsh ponies and various crossbreds ranging from 11.2 - 17.2, the uniting factor is a wonderful temperament and a willing nature when ridden. The personalities in the herd are wide ranging, from gentle natured animals eager to please and offering confidence to those riders who are a little nervous, to competitive energetic rides challenging the rider to enjoy their ability. In all our horses there is an independence and responsiveness that allows the rider to make the most of our outrides.

We believe that there is a community of horse lovers that revel in the opportunity to wallow in horses. Horizon puts a herd of well-loved horse characters on the doorstep of every guest’s room.

"The sound of thundering hooves, a pall of dust and the splash of water as the herd gallops into the yards. There are some things that bring a smile to your face no matter how many times you see it." Shane Dowinton (Horizon Horseback partner and Manager of the herd).